Preview: AB Nabil’s ‘African Drip’

African Drip Album Cover
© 2020 FLY ENT

The moment we’ve all been desperately waiting for is here; the King has arrived. This time, he’s drippin’ priceless souvenirs; peace, love, gratitude and positivity. His new album “African Drip” is a celebration of life. Without doubt, AB Nabil fans from all over the world are deeply intrigued by the artist’s rhythm, R&B vocals and lyrics. He earned the title “Artist of The Year 2019” by sweeping fans out of their feet, making the baddest high quality music videos and most importantly, remaining authentic and real. When Eseka is on the beat, you know this sh*t is about to get real! He slaughtered the instrumentals like Thanos from Avengers Infinity War. As you read this article, you’ll understand more about Eseka’s contribution to this album. Producer Niz B also added some glitter to this gem. Mkali Magazine had an exclusive interview with the artist. The raw organic Burundian juice is drippin’ all over and we can’t let it go to waste! So, you better sit back, relax and drink all of this good stuff we are about to share with you, cause you ain’t gonna find this exclusive content anywhere else. Before we dive too deep into the ocean of Nabil, here are some fun facts about Artist of the Year 2019, that you should know about:

Now, Let’s swim through the different tracks and learn a little bit more about the most anticipated album of 2020, thus far. The most fascinating thing about African Drip is; the Executive Producer is no other than his new born baby, Isabella Estelline Nitereka. So, what does this mean? Baby girl gettin’ royalties checks, y’all. In addition, it is a father-daughter legacy. Watch out for insane collaborations with the first lady of Fly ENT; Bijoux, Wema Msafi aka“Kivuruge”, and the talented Mfizi Lucky. Unfortunately, Artist Mfizi is no longer with us–but AB Nabil made sure he paid tribute to the aspiring musician by including their collaboration on the album. Gone, but not forgotten. Below is an exclusive sneak peak before the Album listening party on January 18th 2020. Check out the inside scoop!

AB Nabil ft. Bijoux- CHOMEKA
© 2020 FLY ENT

Track #1: “Intro”– Introduction to “African Drip.

Track #2: “Ada”– I was driving to Kansas City; an 8 hour drive going to start the album and this melody came to me 2 hours into the trip and stuck with me all the way there.

Track #3: “Ukiniacha” ft. Mfizi Lucky: This track was a track Mfizi Lucky and I were working on right before he passed away. I had to add it to the album just because of what it meant to me. There’s no story behind it other than after I got the song, my man passed on. All the sales on this song crazy melody song will benefit the daughter he left behind.

AB Nabil ft. Bijoux- CHOMEKA
© 2020 FLY ENT.

Track #4: “Nyotsotsera” — This was a throw away song that seemed to be love by everyone else. I was about to drive back home after my two weeks of studio time in Kansas City when Eseka and I had the idea for the beat. I was like, “I am finna just make up words and see how that goes.” Instead, I used google translate for Zulu words… and yeah, that’s how that came up.

Track #5: “Mbwira”–This song is one of my favorites on the Album; the beat, the writing. I was just home and I had a beat so I started writing to it. Then, when I sent it to Eseka, he was in Texas but had his laptop with him. He completely made it sound better and bang! We had a hit. I love the song,

AB Nabil ft. Bijoux- CHOMEKA
© 2020 FLY ENT.

Track #6: “Idondoshe” ft. Bijoux–So, me and Bijoux driving back home from a dinner date early evening. I had the beat from Eseka and I started playing it. I said, “Babe, you wanna mess around in the studio and see if we can come up with something?” she said, “yeah!” It’s a love song and we did something completely different with Bijoux singing style.

Track #7: “Sina mda”–This song was me just saying I don’t have time to waste on nothing. Dope beat, different melody from what people are used to hearing from me. Dope subject.

Track #8: “Amenishinda” –This is absolutely my favorite song on the whole album. I believe will be for many, especially ladies. This song wasn’t even suppose to be written.  For the second verse, I remember a picture my girl had shown me early that year, of when she was still young; she had on blue jeans, a pink purse.. and I was like, you know what? Let me talk about that; A girl forgot where she came from when she had nothing and now she’s got all this and wants to leave. Long story short, that’s my favorite song.

© 2019 FLY ENT.

Track #9: “Interlude”– It’s just me talking about the album. I just wanted to be free and make music for the fun of it, without having any expectations. I wanted to make music I enjoyed.

Track #10: “Kipopo”– I fell in love with a beat that was sent to me. It was just different. I wanted the challenge, wrote the song, changed a lot of it. We have a nice dance song.

Track #11: “Ndagushaka”– I wanted a Kirundi song that’s a bit different. Eseka, completely distorted the beat, added some Burundi based drums in there and the 808 in the chorus. It’s the perfect party song.

AB Nabil ft. Bijoux- CHOMEKA
© 2020 FLY ENT.

Track #12: “Jegeza” ft. Wema Msafi– I wanted a Kirundi song that was fun and funny. My Bro was in the studio with me and I wrote a verse and that’s how he got on the song. Eseka on the beat and of course he killed that Sh*t!

Track #13: “Natamani”– This song was written a year and a half go. One of the two emotional songs on the album. This song should have been released a long time ago, but the hard-drive crashed and I just sat on it. This song and “Amenishinda” are two emotional songs. The rest of songs are feel good music.

© 2020 FLY ENT.

Track #14: “Monica”– This was the second song I recorded on my trip to Kansas and this is a dedication to my girl.

Track #15: “Put It On Me”– A song I wrote over a year ago. It’s the only song I would say is rated R. Its for adults only. Nothing kids can listen to.

Track # 16: “Chomeka”– So, I had this beat for a while. I wrote the second verse and chorus, and just sat there..I was like, why don’t I check to see if babe has time! She did. I wrote her verse, she recorded it and bang! The crazy thing is, her whole verse is Kirundi and she don’t speak kirundi but she killed it.

During our interview session, Nabil was able to express himself freely and with confidence. This enabled us to learn more about his humble personality. He even admitted that he doesn’t think he’s dope. Of course, we disagree with that statement, but let us proceed. Here are some questions that we asked the artist.

Mkali Magazine: If you could describe yourself in one word? what would it be?

AB Nabil: Passionate.

Mkali Magazine: What message do you have for your fans?

AB Nabil: Don’t let your circumstances become your reality. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cant do anything.

Mkali Magazine: What message do you have for your daughter?

AB Nabil: The biggest thing you can achieve in the world is to become a good citizen among society. Spread love. I want her to be a good example.

Mkali Magazine: What message do you have for your girl?

AB Nabil: She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I owe her all my success. None of this would’ve been possible without her.

Mkali Magazine: Why do you think artists buy views on YouTube?

AB Nabil: People like to fake validation. I don’t think views dictate what song is good and what song is bad.

Mkali Magazine: Are you happy and at peace?

AB Nabil: Peace is very tricky. I think to be at peace is finishing everything you were brought here to do. I am happy–learning to take time off and reflect on life.

As you can see, this album is for us. The mixture of Kirundi, Swahili, Zulu and a lil’ English added diversity and truly stabbed East Africa on the map. You thought the 2018 album “Slave to Love” was the bomb? Wait till you hear this one! African Drip album will be available to order on January 24th 2020. It will soon be available on all platforms, hang in there! Be part of the movement and support the rise of a King. Remember, you heard it here first. Mkali got the juice and the sauce, you heard? See y’all at the album listening party Saturday, January 18th. You don’t want to miss this!

AB Nabil ft. Bijoux- CHOMEKA
© 2020 FLY ENT.

The Real E Dubzz

Hip Hop Recording Artist @Edubzz_Esau

E Dubzz also known as Esau, is an East African recording artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The rapper is originally from Tanzania, and came to America with his family at the age of 11. He learned English by listening to Hip Hop music on the radio. An interesting fact is; E Dubzz was on a journey to become a Nurse and he dropped out of Nursing school after realizing it wasn’t for him. ” It just was’t for me. With music, I can express myself and tell my story. I want to use my music to help people heal. Life is rough”, said Dubzz. Since then, he’s been focusing on his music and acting. Mkali Magazine was fortunate enough to score an interview with the recording Hip Hop artist. During the interview, he disclosed some exclusive information about his career, life and personal experiences. “I’ve always wanted to help others feel better about life. I know what it’s like to suffer and struggle!”, exclaimed E Dubzz.

Ever wondered who the real E Dubzz is? E Dubzz makes real Hip Hop. He was influenced by artists like Lil Wayne, Meek Mill and Ace Hood. On July 1st 2019, E Dubzz released the official music video for his hit “I Don’t Smoke” via the YouTube platform. On the song, he says, “I used to hang out with the wrong people and I thought it was cool.” This song is about turning your life around and conscious decision making. He wrote this song after making a decision to live a clean, drug free life. “I was a teenager and I was young. There are things you have to change, or else, you’ll end up locked up in jail”, he concluded. Outside of music, he enjoys spending time with his family and beautiful girlfriend. ” My family is very supportive of what I do. They even come to my shows”, he reassured.

I Don’t Smoke – E Dubzz
Shot by Akizzo Joseph x BujaVision

“How Should I Feel” is a single released in 2018, that express the true feelings of the rapper. He wrote this song during a very difficult time. He explained that he was going through “serious stuff.” The artist felt like the whole city was against him and nobody understood what he was going through. “When you try to tell people what’s really going on with you, they attack you. I felt alone, but now I have somebody that makes me smile” , He replied. The following year of 2019, he dropped an album called “Distance Or Follow” which has thousands of streams on Spotify. We learned so much about the artist by listening to a few songs on different platforms. This album has 12 song; Zing Zing, Truth, Goo, We Ain’t Friends and Guns Down are some of our favorites. Here is an exclusive One to One!

Mkali Magazine: What is the meaning behind “Distance or Follow?”

E Dubzz: If you don’t like what I do, stay away from me. If you like what I do and want to go to a different level with me, follow me. I don’t do negative vibes. The person you hear on my music is the real me. 

Mkali Magazine: Let’s talk about “Gunz Down.” What inspired you to write this song? 

E Dubzz: I don’t have anything against guns. I just believe they shouldn’t be used recklessly. Guns shouldn’t be used to kill or hurt innocent people. They should be used to protect.

His lyrics are meaningful and remarkable. His passion for Justice and Humanity, motivates him to strive and become the best version of himself. The artist truly wants to spread light to those whom are suffering. “My advice to other up and coming artists is; keep thriving, even if they think you’re wack. Don’t let one hater stop you”, insisted E Dubzz. He believes the reason why there’s lack of support within the up and coming artistic community, is because some people don’t want to see others blow up before them. “I believe it’s very important that we all support each other. Doesn’t matter who makes it first and who doesn’t, as long as you show loyalty, it will come back to you“, he declared. The year 2020 should be an exciting year for all E Dubzz fans. The artist will be releasing music videos and exciting projects starting June. “I know people out here don’t wanna see you rise up, but I am doing this for everyone”, he said. Who is the E Dubzz? E Dubzz is the truth! Check out his hit song “I Don’t Smoke’‘ below and stay tuned for more exciting projects! “Distance Or Follow” is available now on all platforms.

I Don’t Smoke – E Dubzz
Shot by Akizzo Joseph X BujaVision

Shy: Afro Trap Queen

Shy – On Me
Directed by: @KareemKing, @DividedbyZeros,
@TheMayorofMarkham & @TrueMediaStudios
Stylist: @_AntoinetteJohnson

If you haven’t heard of Shy; The “Afro Trap Queen”, then you must be living under a rock! The talented Canadian based artist with Kenyan roots is the next big thing. Her latest upbeat soft trap song, “On Me” produced by Drew80hd is all about women empowerment, self love and self awareness. Men, if you’re feeling the vibe, you’re welcome to sing along! The energy of the record is so dope. Shy is sending us a powerful message here; So, after listening to this song, don’t waste your time with toxic relationships. Here are 5 things we loved about “On Me.”

1. Ever wonder why girls take forever to get dressed? Well, thanks to Shy, the secret is exposed! The video starts off with the beauty doing her makeup and getting ready for the club. She looked flawless, confident and ready to party. This scene is so relatable and we love it! Also, those braids are on point!

2. One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and be understood. Instead of getting mad at Shy for taking too long to get dressed, she boosts her up! “Don’t look at me, it’s all about you”, she said. Now, that’s a friend! We love this scene! Her friend was complimenting her and making her feel good. We all need supportive friends during breakups.

3. I got my best friends right here! This scene is giving us some “I am Out” Vibes by Ciara Ft. Nicki Minaj. The artists fearlessly celebrated her breakup with her best friends. So, let’s toast to that!

4. She don’t care no more, she move on for sure! The artist delivered her legendary lyrics in swag and was styled by one of the best stylists in Canada, Antoinette Johnson. The cute outfits we see her rocking throughout the video are from Alluring Dolls Boutique!

5. A toxic relationship will destroy your self-esteem and make it hard to focus on positive areas of your life. Shy validated this point with her lyrics, ” I felt the chokehold. Wouldn’t let me grow, I had to let you go.” Towards the end of the video, she looks confident and liberated by the ocean. Ocean symbolizes freedom, purity and cleansing. It’s a sign that the artist is starting a new chapter, and is on to bigger and better things. We can’t wait to hear more from Shy. She’s truly unique with the voice of an angel. Check out the official “ON ME” video below and subscribe to her channel!

Shy – On Me
Directed by: @KareemKing, @DividedbyZeros,
@TheMayorofMarkham & @TrueMediaStudios
Assistant: @Definitelyme
Stylist: @_AntoinetteJohnson
Wardrobe: @Alluringdollsboutique, @Parker.Hue
MUA: @Beautybyydom
Producer: @Drew80hd
Mix and master: @Itsrayny / @Xanni_so

Iwacu: The Culture of Burundi

Instagram @YoungSpit100
Young Spit seen wearing “Iwacu” shirt by Era_257 clothing brand.
Copyright (C) 2019 Young Spit.

DISCLAIMER: We hereby declare that we do not own the rights to this music/song or pictures. All rights belong to the owner. No Copyright Infringement Intended. The information contained in this article represent the views and opinions of NaniMkaliTV and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the content creators.

Revised on 12/23/2019

Recording artist Young Spit is on a mission to take Burundian culture to the next level. Burundi is a small landlocked country in east central Africa, bordering Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The main languages spoken in the Burundian Republic are Kirundi, French (both official) and Swahili. The singer/rapper released a hit song in his mother tongue, called “Iwacu” —a soft Afro-fusion jam, dedicated to his clothing brand “Era 257” on July 27th 2019. Shout out to David Narra, for producing this breathtaking beat! The tune is completely mesmerizing! Director MB_JAX1, the Chief Executive Officer & founder of IamTheHeartofAfricaclothing brand, gave us a taste of Burundian culture as well with his powerful vision and contributions in the creative direction process. This video was shot in Atlanta by DopeZulu. It’s an amazing collaboration between MB_JAX1, founder of “I am The Heart of Africa” and YoungSpit100, owner of “Iwacu.” You can purchase your very own “IamTheHeartofAfrica” apparel from their business handler; ”IamTheHeartofAfrica” on Instagram.

Directed by MB_JAX1 and shot by DopeZulu
Young Spit seen wearing “I am The Heart of Africa” clothing brand.
Copyright (C) 2019 Young Spit.

This popular video & catchy song is full of culture appreciation, rhythm, melanin & black beauty. For those who don’t know, +257 is the area code of Burundi. NaniMKaliTV received an exclusive custom “Iwacu” crew neck with dat 57 on the back, and we are just so impressed with the great quality. This extraordinary Creative Director & designer of Era 257 placed an emphasis on detail and quality. You can purchase his merchandise from his Instagram business handler: Era_257. The apparel is street, yet comfortable & stylish. You can rock it with some fresh sneakers & a Gucci Messenger bag, like Spit. So, Let me tell y’all why we feeling this hit on a spiritual level.

African Kings and Queens
Directed by MB_JAX1 and shot by DopeZulu
Copyright (C) 2019 Young Spit.

Positive representation of African culture matters! The internet is filled with stereotypes and negative image of our motherland. It’s empowering to see the ibikemanyi (or ibiseke), a traditional basket woven in the dry season, with strands of banana leaves or young shoots of papyrus. These baskets are woven by the local women by using traditional weaving techniques. In our modern world, they are mostly used as a home décor item and can come in various shapes and sizes too. These baskets are considered as one of the most popular African art items and have a special art value all over the world. 

Burundian Drummers of Atlanta
Directed by MB_JAX1 and shot by DopeZulu
Style : ”I am The Heart of Africa” clothing brand.

Traditional drumming is an important part of Burundian cultural heritage. This is frequently seen in celebrations and family gatherings. The King and Queen enjoy traditional drumming with the Burundian Drummers of Atlanta, while rocking the colors of the Burundi flag. The men are seen wearing Pagnes; traditional clothing of Burundi worn in the rural areas. We should embrace our roots and never be ashamed! Living in America does not mean forgetting where you came from.

King and Queen
Directed by MB_JAX1 and shot by DopeZulu
Copyright (C) 2019 Young Spit.

We are obsessed with Black Beauty! It is no secret that Colorism is taking over the East African underground artistic community. Nowadays, a lot of artists are promoting white & light skin women as a symbol of beauty. Colorism is privileging lighter women. Young Spit is clearly trying to tell us something here, and we should pay attention. We hope after watching this video, no woman feels she has to lighten her skin to feel beautiful. Iwacu blessed us with this powerful reminder; Black is beautiful.

King and Queen
Directed by MB_JAX1 and shot by DopeZulu
Copyright (C) 2019 Young Spit.

Around the world, lighter skin is often perceived as a “marker of superior beauty” and status. Dark women are discriminated against in all sorts of ways. The desire for whiteness forces many young African women to bleach their skin. Skin bleaching is a major issue in the East African community. Representation of every form of beauty is so important. After all, the darker the flesh, the deeper the roots! Check out the official “Iwacu” music video below & don’t forget to order merchandise from “IamTheHeartofAfrica” and “Era_257.Support young African entrepreneurs!

“Iwacu” means home. Nothing more powerful than a legacy of tradition.

Directed by MB_JAX1 and shot by DopeZulu
Edited by Gn Nephew
Copyright (C) 2019 Young Spit.

Last updated December 24, 2019

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Mimi Mars Feat Young Lunya & Marioo – Una

The beautiful Mimi Mars is taking us to planet Mars with her new Pop hit song UNA Feat Young Lunya & Marioo. UNA was produced by Baddest 47 and Paul Maker and premiered on Dec 17, 2019 via the Artists YouTube account. This video celebrated Dar Es Salaam night life from the unique lens of Director Ivan. Ki ukweli, this time around, Mimi Mars ametushika pabaya!

Swahili Pop music reflects emerging trends. The new trends determine what is considered ‘cool’ in the current party scenes of Dar Es Salaam. Throughout the video, high-end designer shades and colorful outfits were seen. Hot bwoys and fly gurls drinking out of red cups like there’s no tomorrow! The creative directors and stylists did a wonderful job bringing the summer time vibe to life. Did we also mention her hair and makeup was on point throughout the whole video? Yaas, gurl!

Mimi Mars Feat Young Lunya & Marioo 

“Habari za mjini, kwani nini?” Freestyle King, Young Lunya & SOUNDCITY Award Best NewComer Nominee, Marioo gave us life with their swag and catchy verses. Nothing hotter than a Swahili Pop song with sexy rap verses. How can you have a New Year’s party without this song? It’s just a happy tune that makes you wanna pop, lock, and drop it to the floor. Check out this song on YouTube. Fallow NaniMKaliTV on instagram for more updates.

All Eyes On Wind Divin

“Sit On It” directed by Ab Nabil

African gyal put your body on! September 28th 2019, up and coming East African Artist “Wind Divin” released a Dancehall/ club inspired Hit which was produced by Masterland and mixed by Fraga the Recipe; a well known producer from Tanzania. Fraga the recipe is valued and respected in this game. He’s produced hit songs for Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize and Gentle Boy. The Song “Sit On It” was debuted shortly after the artists introduced another hit called “Nielewe” earlier this year. The Burundi Bad Boy is always up to something new!

“Nielewe” directed by Ab Nabil

Nielewe By Wind Divin introduced a completely different side of the artist. Evidently, a softer more gentle side of the “Villain.” It was indeed as sweet as the hit “Vanilla.” The lyrics were clean and love took over our screens. We nervously watched the video which was directed by the magnificent Ab Nabil with deep emotions and mushy feelings as he leaned towards the beautiful dark skin model, begging for her to understand how much he loves her. “Nielewe” which means “Understand me” In Swahili definitely captivated our minds and was as addictive as a drug. Now, the East African Chris Brown is on to the next level!

Dancehall jam “Sit On It” is without doubt something everyone needs on their playlist. Whether it be your birthday, graduation or house party, this is the song that will set the mood right and get the party started! It’s a fun carefree song for the young, wild and free. The colorful visuals, graffiti paintings, cool shades and cool cars added a sparkling hot 90’s Hip-Hop vibe with a tasty blue hue. The lyrics however, are rated R. We do not suggest this song for minors or anyone under the age of 18. The video does not come with a warning. Please, be cautious.

Unlike majority of songs from the Dancehall culture, “Sit On It” was missing dancers, choreographers and a better story line. Dancehall is all about dance! That club scene we saw in the beginning of the video should have been filled with hot gals and dope bwoys jamming to this hit. The song was too good to not have dancers!

It seems like East African Artist “Wind Divin” has been experimenting with different genres of music and is really showing us his musical and creative abilities. However, we would love to see more creative dance moves and less bedroom scenes/ grinding scenes in his music. The bedroom scene from “Nielewe” miraculously repeated itself again on “Sit On It.” Also, the grinding scene repeated itself as well. Proper choreography is so important. It helps songs go viral and earn more recognition. It also helps the fans connect to the lyrics. Wind Divin needs a Creative Director that can challenge his vision, so he can grow into the international Artist he’s aspiring to be.

In conclusion, Wind Divin is unique, fearless and spontaneous when it comes to expressing his creativity. We believe he’s a trendsetter. There’s so much potential and talent. Unlike most artists, he is effortlessly cool and swag comes natural. Whether y’all love him or not, all eyes will continue to be on him! The world is watching and we are here for it! We can’t wait to see what’s next from the Burundi Bad Boy.

Spicy Bwoy Wants More

Bad Man Isi aka Spicy Bwoy released a new hit song called “Give me some more” via his YouTube page on November 14th 2019. This hot colorful video was directed by Chris mule from KKT productions. We taste a hint of Dancehall mixed with Afrobeat in this spanking new hit. We also taste a hint of Bongo Flava and are loving the cross culture connection.

The visuals are extremely exciting. There’s something extremely sexy about a guy singing and dancing in the kitchen next to a dishwasher. This song brings out all the positive energy and is perfect for any occasion.

Let’s not forget the amazing fashion in the video! We see the flawless video queen wearing an African traditional attire, African prints and beautiful traditional jewelry. This is giving us life. We love the positive representation of African culture. This is definitely your party song of the year. Make sure you add this song to your New Year’s party playlist. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Is Gn Nephew a player?

According to Serefina, no he is not! Nataka Kucheza na wewe! Gn Nephew released a soft R&B type of love thing on August 9th 2019 via his YouTube account.This song has a Caribbean and Afro fusion hint to it. In the video, Tanzanian born singer is confessing his love to a beautiful brown skin girl “Serafina” who without doubt is extremely attractive. While singing softly in his mother tongue, Gn Nephew hits all the right spots! This vocalist is extremely talented and we are here for all of it!

The video was filmed somewhere in Los Angeles, California and the singer contributed to majority of the creative directions. We love how organic this video is! Extremely playful and colorful, a young couples paradise. Ladies, get your whip cream covered strawberries, a glass of wine and get ready to grind to this new Hit by Burundi’s very own, Gn Nephew.

“Ready Set Go” is a Banger!

Ready Set Go by Young Spit. Directed by @stopsmilinfilms

Let’s talk about Tanzanian born Young Spit and his latest mesmerizing Trap hit “Ready Set Go.” The Burundi blood on American soil is causing serious problems in these streets, and I am talking about every ghetto & every city. This new banger will force you to shake what yo mama gave ya and dance like there’s no tomorrow! Ready Set Go was directed by Stopsmilinfilms and released on September 27th 2019 via the Artists YouTube account. Trap music is a style of hip-hop that sprung out of the southern rap scene in the 1990s. When speaking of the “originators” in the trap music game, southern rappers like Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy & Three 6 Mafia come to mind. Trap has maintained a strong presence in hip-hop since it exploded onto the mainstream in 2009. We are thrilled to see a brother do his thang and express his creativity with some inspiration from the African American culture. But, the question remains, Is it appropriate for African Artists to make Trap Music?

According to Young Spit, he was born in East Africa and raised in America. He came to this country as a child, and his life experiences played a major role on his overall creativity. NaniMkaliTV reached out to Young Spit and he released the following statement;

” I have two sides to me; The American side and the African side. The African side is what inspires the Afrobeats vibes, the slow vibes and the Pop sound. The American side is what inspires the Trap and Hip Hop. I came to this country when I was 10 years old. I picked up some of the culture. This is where I grew up.” – Young Spit

Better Let Em know! It seems like Young Spit assimilated to the American culture and is simply expressing the experiences that contributed to his growth. We are a product of our environment. Our intelligence gives us the ability to adapt to whatever we are exposed to. Young Spit was able to adopt and express his intelligence in his music. Tanzanian born singer is on a path towards great success. Besides hit making, he’s a designer at Iwacu, badass aesthetic creator and a whole mood! Ooh Yeah!

Ready Set Go by Young Spit. Directed by @stopsmilinfilms