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E Dubzz also known as Esau, is an East African recording artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The rapper is originally from Tanzania, and came to America with his family at the age of 11. He learned English by listening to Hip Hop music on the radio. An interesting fact is; E Dubzz was on a journey to become a Nurse and he dropped out of Nursing school after realizing it wasn’t for him. ” It just was’t for me. With music, I can express myself and tell my story. I want to use my music to help people heal. Life is rough”, said Dubzz. Since then, he’s been focusing on his music and acting. Mkali Magazine was fortunate enough to score an interview with the recording Hip Hop artist. During the interview, he disclosed some exclusive information about his career, life and personal experiences. “I’ve always wanted to help others feel better about life. I know what it’s like to suffer and struggle!”, exclaimed E Dubzz.

Ever wondered who the real E Dubzz is? E Dubzz makes real Hip Hop. He was influenced by artists like Lil Wayne, Meek Mill and Ace Hood. On July 1st 2019, E Dubzz released the official music video for his hit “I Don’t Smoke” via the YouTube platform. On the song, he says, “I used to hang out with the wrong people and I thought it was cool.” This song is about turning your life around and conscious decision making. He wrote this song after making a decision to live a clean, drug free life. “I was a teenager and I was young. There are things you have to change, or else, you’ll end up locked up in jail”, he concluded. Outside of music, he enjoys spending time with his family and beautiful girlfriend. ” My family is very supportive of what I do. They even come to my shows”, he reassured.

I Don’t Smoke – E Dubzz
Shot by Akizzo Joseph x BujaVision

“How Should I Feel” is a single released in 2018, that express the true feelings of the rapper. He wrote this song during a very difficult time. He explained that he was going through “serious stuff.” The artist felt like the whole city was against him and nobody understood what he was going through. “When you try to tell people what’s really going on with you, they attack you. I felt alone, but now I have somebody that makes me smile” , He replied. The following year of 2019, he dropped an album called “Distance Or Follow” which has thousands of streams on Spotify. We learned so much about the artist by listening to a few songs on different platforms. This album has 12 song; Zing Zing, Truth, Goo, We Ain’t Friends and Guns Down are some of our favorites. Here is an exclusive One to One!

Mkali Magazine: What is the meaning behind “Distance or Follow?”

E Dubzz: If you don’t like what I do, stay away from me. If you like what I do and want to go to a different level with me, follow me. I don’t do negative vibes. The person you hear on my music is the real me. 

Mkali Magazine: Let’s talk about “Gunz Down.” What inspired you to write this song? 

E Dubzz: I don’t have anything against guns. I just believe they shouldn’t be used recklessly. Guns shouldn’t be used to kill or hurt innocent people. They should be used to protect.

His lyrics are meaningful and remarkable. His passion for Justice and Humanity, motivates him to strive and become the best version of himself. The artist truly wants to spread light to those whom are suffering. “My advice to other up and coming artists is; keep thriving, even if they think you’re wack. Don’t let one hater stop you”, insisted E Dubzz. He believes the reason why there’s lack of support within the up and coming artistic community, is because some people don’t want to see others blow up before them. “I believe it’s very important that we all support each other. Doesn’t matter who makes it first and who doesn’t, as long as you show loyalty, it will come back to you“, he declared. The year 2020 should be an exciting year for all E Dubzz fans. The artist will be releasing music videos and exciting projects starting June. “I know people out here don’t wanna see you rise up, but I am doing this for everyone”, he said. Who is the E Dubzz? E Dubzz is the truth! Check out his hit song “I Don’t Smoke’‘ below and stay tuned for more exciting projects! “Distance Or Follow” is available now on all platforms.

I Don’t Smoke – E Dubzz
Shot by Akizzo Joseph X BujaVision

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