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African Drip Album Cover
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The moment we’ve all been desperately waiting for is here; the King has arrived. This time, he’s drippin’ priceless souvenirs; peace, love, gratitude and positivity. His new album “African Drip” is a celebration of life. Without doubt, AB Nabil fans from all over the world are deeply intrigued by the artist’s rhythm, R&B vocals and lyrics. He earned the title “Artist of The Year 2019” by sweeping fans out of their feet, making the baddest high quality music videos and most importantly, remaining authentic and real. When Eseka is on the beat, you know this sh*t is about to get real! He slaughtered the instrumentals like Thanos from Avengers Infinity War. As you read this article, you’ll understand more about Eseka’s contribution to this album. Producer Niz B also added some glitter to this gem. Mkali Magazine had an exclusive interview with the artist. The raw organic Burundian juice is drippin’ all over and we can’t let it go to waste! So, you better sit back, relax and drink all of this good stuff we are about to share with you, cause you ain’t gonna find this exclusive content anywhere else. Before we dive too deep into the ocean of Nabil, here are some fun facts about Artist of the Year 2019, that you should know about:

Now, Let’s swim through the different tracks and learn a little bit more about the most anticipated album of 2020, thus far. The most fascinating thing about African Drip is; the Executive Producer is no other than his new born baby, Isabella Estelline Nitereka. So, what does this mean? Baby girl gettin’ royalties checks, y’all. In addition, it is a father-daughter legacy. Watch out for insane collaborations with the first lady of Fly ENT; Bijoux, Wema Msafi aka“Kivuruge”, and the talented Mfizi Lucky. Unfortunately, Artist Mfizi is no longer with us–but AB Nabil made sure he paid tribute to the aspiring musician by including their collaboration on the album. Gone, but not forgotten. Below is an exclusive sneak peak before the Album listening party on January 18th 2020. Check out the inside scoop!

AB Nabil ft. Bijoux- CHOMEKA
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Track #1: “Intro”– Introduction to “African Drip.

Track #2: “Ada”– I was driving to Kansas City; an 8 hour drive going to start the album and this melody came to me 2 hours into the trip and stuck with me all the way there.

Track #3: “Ukiniacha” ft. Mfizi Lucky: This track was a track Mfizi Lucky and I were working on right before he passed away. I had to add it to the album just because of what it meant to me. There’s no story behind it other than after I got the song, my man passed on. All the sales on this song crazy melody song will benefit the daughter he left behind.

AB Nabil ft. Bijoux- CHOMEKA
© 2020 FLY ENT.

Track #4: “Nyotsotsera” — This was a throw away song that seemed to be love by everyone else. I was about to drive back home after my two weeks of studio time in Kansas City when Eseka and I had the idea for the beat. I was like, “I am finna just make up words and see how that goes.” Instead, I used google translate for Zulu words… and yeah, that’s how that came up.

Track #5: “Mbwira”–This song is one of my favorites on the Album; the beat, the writing. I was just home and I had a beat so I started writing to it. Then, when I sent it to Eseka, he was in Texas but had his laptop with him. He completely made it sound better and bang! We had a hit. I love the song,

AB Nabil ft. Bijoux- CHOMEKA
© 2020 FLY ENT.

Track #6: “Idondoshe” ft. Bijoux–So, me and Bijoux driving back home from a dinner date early evening. I had the beat from Eseka and I started playing it. I said, “Babe, you wanna mess around in the studio and see if we can come up with something?” she said, “yeah!” It’s a love song and we did something completely different with Bijoux singing style.

Track #7: “Sina mda”–This song was me just saying I don’t have time to waste on nothing. Dope beat, different melody from what people are used to hearing from me. Dope subject.

Track #8: “Amenishinda” –This is absolutely my favorite song on the whole album. I believe will be for many, especially ladies. This song wasn’t even suppose to be written.  For the second verse, I remember a picture my girl had shown me early that year, of when she was still young; she had on blue jeans, a pink purse.. and I was like, you know what? Let me talk about that; A girl forgot where she came from when she had nothing and now she’s got all this and wants to leave. Long story short, that’s my favorite song.

© 2019 FLY ENT.

Track #9: “Interlude”– It’s just me talking about the album. I just wanted to be free and make music for the fun of it, without having any expectations. I wanted to make music I enjoyed.

Track #10: “Kipopo”– I fell in love with a beat that was sent to me. It was just different. I wanted the challenge, wrote the song, changed a lot of it. We have a nice dance song.

Track #11: “Ndagushaka”– I wanted a Kirundi song that’s a bit different. Eseka, completely distorted the beat, added some Burundi based drums in there and the 808 in the chorus. It’s the perfect party song.

AB Nabil ft. Bijoux- CHOMEKA
© 2020 FLY ENT.

Track #12: “Jegeza” ft. Wema Msafi– I wanted a Kirundi song that was fun and funny. My Bro was in the studio with me and I wrote a verse and that’s how he got on the song. Eseka on the beat and of course he killed that Sh*t!

Track #13: “Natamani”– This song was written a year and a half go. One of the two emotional songs on the album. This song should have been released a long time ago, but the hard-drive crashed and I just sat on it. This song and “Amenishinda” are two emotional songs. The rest of songs are feel good music.

© 2020 FLY ENT.

Track #14: “Monica”– This was the second song I recorded on my trip to Kansas and this is a dedication to my girl.

Track #15: “Put It On Me”– A song I wrote over a year ago. It’s the only song I would say is rated R. Its for adults only. Nothing kids can listen to.

Track # 16: “Chomeka”– So, I had this beat for a while. I wrote the second verse and chorus, and just sat there..I was like, why don’t I check to see if babe has time! She did. I wrote her verse, she recorded it and bang! The crazy thing is, her whole verse is Kirundi and she don’t speak kirundi but she killed it.

During our interview session, Nabil was able to express himself freely and with confidence. This enabled us to learn more about his humble personality. He even admitted that he doesn’t think he’s dope. Of course, we disagree with that statement, but let us proceed. Here are some questions that we asked the artist.

Mkali Magazine: If you could describe yourself in one word? what would it be?

AB Nabil: Passionate.

Mkali Magazine: What message do you have for your fans?

AB Nabil: Don’t let your circumstances become your reality. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cant do anything.

Mkali Magazine: What message do you have for your daughter?

AB Nabil: The biggest thing you can achieve in the world is to become a good citizen among society. Spread love. I want her to be a good example.

Mkali Magazine: What message do you have for your girl?

AB Nabil: She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I owe her all my success. None of this would’ve been possible without her.

Mkali Magazine: Why do you think artists buy views on YouTube?

AB Nabil: People like to fake validation. I don’t think views dictate what song is good and what song is bad.

Mkali Magazine: Are you happy and at peace?

AB Nabil: Peace is very tricky. I think to be at peace is finishing everything you were brought here to do. I am happy–learning to take time off and reflect on life.

As you can see, this album is for us. The mixture of Kirundi, Swahili, Zulu and a lil’ English added diversity and truly stabbed East Africa on the map. You thought the 2018 album “Slave to Love” was the bomb? Wait till you hear this one! African Drip album will be available to order on January 24th 2020. It will soon be available on all platforms, hang in there! Be part of the movement and support the rise of a King. Remember, you heard it here first. Mkali got the juice and the sauce, you heard? See y’all at the album listening party Saturday, January 18th. You don’t want to miss this!

AB Nabil ft. Bijoux- CHOMEKA
© 2020 FLY ENT.

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