“Ready Set Go” is a Banger!

Ready Set Go by Young Spit. Directed by @stopsmilinfilms

Let’s talk about Tanzanian born Young Spit and his latest mesmerizing Trap hit “Ready Set Go.” The Burundi blood on American soil is causing serious problems in these streets, and I am talking about every ghetto & every city. This new banger will force you to shake what yo mama gave ya and dance like there’s no tomorrow! Ready Set Go was directed by Stopsmilinfilms and released on September 27th 2019 via the Artists YouTube account. Trap music is a style of hip-hop that sprung out of the southern rap scene in the 1990s. When speaking of the “originators” in the trap music game, southern rappers like Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy & Three 6 Mafia come to mind. Trap has maintained a strong presence in hip-hop since it exploded onto the mainstream in 2009. We are thrilled to see a brother do his thang and express his creativity with some inspiration from the African American culture. But, the question remains, Is it appropriate for African Artists to make Trap Music?

According to Young Spit, he was born in East Africa and raised in America. He came to this country as a child, and his life experiences played a major role on his overall creativity. NaniMkaliTV reached out to Young Spit and he released the following statement;

” I have two sides to me; The American side and the African side. The African side is what inspires the Afrobeats vibes, the slow vibes and the Pop sound. The American side is what inspires the Trap and Hip Hop. I came to this country when I was 10 years old. I picked up some of the culture. This is where I grew up.” – Young Spit

Better Let Em know! It seems like Young Spit assimilated to the American culture and is simply expressing the experiences that contributed to his growth. We are a product of our environment. Our intelligence gives us the ability to adapt to whatever we are exposed to. Young Spit was able to adopt and express his intelligence in his music. Tanzanian born singer is on a path towards great success. Besides hit making, he’s a designer at Iwacu, badass aesthetic creator and a whole mood! Ooh Yeah!

Ready Set Go by Young Spit. Directed by @stopsmilinfilms

“I Can’t Compare You To Anyone Else.”

AB Nabil instagram

Just one day before the release of his new hit “Monica” AB Nabil the “Musical Genius” takes on Facebook to share a very emotional quote from his mother. He writes;

I was told by my mother, “I can’t compare you to anyone else. Remember, you were not born in the State House!” Then he adds, “It sounds so unpleasant to hear that you’re a child of a peasant. The difference between you and them is that; your father desired to have wealth but their father’s had wealth. There’s a difference between you and them. They bought expensive toy cars but you created those cars with wires. You’re a creator & inventor. Don’t ever be ashamed to proceed with the path that will lead you towards your hearts desire.” We admire him for sharing such empowering words! Keep on changing the game, Sir! Monica, produced by Eseka Productions will be released on 11/28/2019.

The “Baddest” Chick in the Game!

Kama haujaona hii video mpya “Cheche” by Princess Debbie, basi wewe ni kipofu! She’s back and she’s better! Video hii imetoka June 21st 2019 na ilirekodiwa Miami beach, Florida. Cheche, directed by Naphatali Rosenberg and Produced by Centanto is the latest Hit from Princess Debbie & It’s all about love! Hold up! Let me get to it, y’all!

Video quality: Director Naphatali Rosenberg amefanya kazi nzuri. He perfectly captured this summer time tune! The scenery and location matched the lyrics & mood. This video is hot! I am surprised he didn’t get distracted by her beauty and drop the camera in the water. Now, that’s what I call an expert!

Lyrics: When it comes to Love songs, Princess is the love bird. From “Carry Me” to “In Love” she’s strictly been focusing on intimacy & relationships. The heat song “Cheche” starts with, “Penzi lako tunda tamu nimeshalionja” and then she adds, “Tiba yangu tabasamu lako lanitosha.” We are honestly loving this song! Our only question is, who is this lucky boy? This African beauty knows how to captivate our eyes!

Should we expect something different from Princess Debbie soon? Will she make music about different life topics? We love her creativity and the effort she puts in her Music. In addition, her voice is getting better and better everyday. Without doubt, Princess Debbie is the “Baddest” chick in the game!

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AB Nabil is a Musical Genius. “Sofia” Proved It.

It’s obvious that AB Nabil is on a powerful drug called music. The Chief Executive Officer of Fly ENT did it again. “Sofia” is the most creative music video of 2019. Not only is he lyrically talented, he’s also a visionary. This up and Coming East African musician never disappoints! The message in Sofia is extremely powerful. Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand!

This song hits the nail on the head. We honestly can’t get enough of this hit! The music video was released on May 25, 2019. Kasreh Records did his thing in the kitchen and this collaboration turned out magical. Just flawless.

AB Nabil “Sofia” © 2019 FLY ENT.

This magnificent artist freely expressed what’s on his mind and heart through dope visuals, expressive dancing and very touchy lyrics. Ki ukweli, hii nyimbo ni ya kimataifa. He did an incredible job raising awareness on important issues affecting our African community such us; financial insecurities, alcoholism, Sexual transmitted diseases, identity crisis and mental health issues.

Tunaamini kwamba lengo la wimbo huo ni kuhamasisha vijana waishi maisha bora na sio maisha ya kuiga. Kuiga mwisho wake ni mbaya. Damn! Y’all saw what happened to Sofia though? We don’t often hear such topics in modern African music. There’s a trend going on; love, sex & drugs. It’s clear that AB Nabil is different & unique. He’s always feeding our souls different flavors. Great music speaks for itself. This one right here is pure gold. AB Nabil is a musical genius. Mkali. Period.

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