All Eyes On Wind Divin

“Sit On It” directed by Ab Nabil

African gyal put your body on! September 28th 2019, up and coming East African Artist “Wind Divin” released a Dancehall/ club inspired Hit which was produced by Masterland and mixed by Fraga the Recipe; a well known producer from Tanzania. Fraga the recipe is valued and respected in this game. He’s produced hit songs for Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize and Gentle Boy. The Song “Sit On It” was debuted shortly after the artists introduced another hit called “Nielewe” earlier this year. The Burundi Bad Boy is always up to something new!

“Nielewe” directed by Ab Nabil

Nielewe By Wind Divin introduced a completely different side of the artist. Evidently, a softer more gentle side of the “Villain.” It was indeed as sweet as the hit “Vanilla.” The lyrics were clean and love took over our screens. We nervously watched the video which was directed by the magnificent Ab Nabil with deep emotions and mushy feelings as he leaned towards the beautiful dark skin model, begging for her to understand how much he loves her. “Nielewe” which means “Understand me” In Swahili definitely captivated our minds and was as addictive as a drug. Now, the East African Chris Brown is on to the next level!

Dancehall jam “Sit On It” is without doubt something everyone needs on their playlist. Whether it be your birthday, graduation or house party, this is the song that will set the mood right and get the party started! It’s a fun carefree song for the young, wild and free. The colorful visuals, graffiti paintings, cool shades and cool cars added a sparkling hot 90’s Hip-Hop vibe with a tasty blue hue. The lyrics however, are rated R. We do not suggest this song for minors or anyone under the age of 18. The video does not come with a warning. Please, be cautious.

Unlike majority of songs from the Dancehall culture, “Sit On It” was missing dancers, choreographers and a better story line. Dancehall is all about dance! That club scene we saw in the beginning of the video should have been filled with hot gals and dope bwoys jamming to this hit. The song was too good to not have dancers!

It seems like East African Artist “Wind Divin” has been experimenting with different genres of music and is really showing us his musical and creative abilities. However, we would love to see more creative dance moves and less bedroom scenes/ grinding scenes in his music. The bedroom scene from “Nielewe” miraculously repeated itself again on “Sit On It.” Also, the grinding scene repeated itself as well. Proper choreography is so important. It helps songs go viral and earn more recognition. It also helps the fans connect to the lyrics. Wind Divin needs a Creative Director that can challenge his vision, so he can grow into the international Artist he’s aspiring to be.

In conclusion, Wind Divin is unique, fearless and spontaneous when it comes to expressing his creativity. We believe he’s a trendsetter. There’s so much potential and talent. Unlike most artists, he is effortlessly cool and swag comes natural. Whether y’all love him or not, all eyes will continue to be on him! The world is watching and we are here for it! We can’t wait to see what’s next from the Burundi Bad Boy.

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