Iwacu: The Culture of Burundi

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Young Spit seen wearing “Iwacu” shirt by Era_257 clothing brand.
Copyright (C) 2019 Young Spit.

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Revised on 12/23/2019

Recording artist Young Spit is on a mission to take Burundian culture to the next level. Burundi is a small landlocked country in east central Africa, bordering Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The main languages spoken in the Burundian Republic are Kirundi, French (both official) and Swahili. The singer/rapper released a hit song in his mother tongue, called “Iwacu” —a soft Afro-fusion jam, dedicated to his clothing brand “Era 257” on July 27th 2019. Shout out to David Narra, for producing this breathtaking beat! The tune is completely mesmerizing! Director MB_JAX1, the Chief Executive Officer & founder of IamTheHeartofAfricaclothing brand, gave us a taste of Burundian culture as well with his powerful vision and contributions in the creative direction process. This video was shot in Atlanta by DopeZulu. It’s an amazing collaboration between MB_JAX1, founder of “I am The Heart of Africa” and YoungSpit100, owner of “Iwacu.” You can purchase your very own “IamTheHeartofAfrica” apparel from their business handler; ”IamTheHeartofAfrica” on Instagram.

Directed by MB_JAX1 and shot by DopeZulu
Young Spit seen wearing “I am The Heart of Africa” clothing brand.
Copyright (C) 2019 Young Spit.

This popular video & catchy song is full of culture appreciation, rhythm, melanin & black beauty. For those who don’t know, +257 is the area code of Burundi. NaniMKaliTV received an exclusive custom “Iwacu” crew neck with dat 57 on the back, and we are just so impressed with the great quality. This extraordinary Creative Director & designer of Era 257 placed an emphasis on detail and quality. You can purchase his merchandise from his Instagram business handler: Era_257. The apparel is street, yet comfortable & stylish. You can rock it with some fresh sneakers & a Gucci Messenger bag, like Spit. So, Let me tell y’all why we feeling this hit on a spiritual level.

African Kings and Queens
Directed by MB_JAX1 and shot by DopeZulu
Copyright (C) 2019 Young Spit.

Positive representation of African culture matters! The internet is filled with stereotypes and negative image of our motherland. It’s empowering to see the ibikemanyi (or ibiseke), a traditional basket woven in the dry season, with strands of banana leaves or young shoots of papyrus. These baskets are woven by the local women by using traditional weaving techniques. In our modern world, they are mostly used as a home décor item and can come in various shapes and sizes too. These baskets are considered as one of the most popular African art items and have a special art value all over the world. 

Burundian Drummers of Atlanta
Directed by MB_JAX1 and shot by DopeZulu
Style : ”I am The Heart of Africa” clothing brand.

Traditional drumming is an important part of Burundian cultural heritage. This is frequently seen in celebrations and family gatherings. The King and Queen enjoy traditional drumming with the Burundian Drummers of Atlanta, while rocking the colors of the Burundi flag. The men are seen wearing Pagnes; traditional clothing of Burundi worn in the rural areas. We should embrace our roots and never be ashamed! Living in America does not mean forgetting where you came from.

King and Queen
Directed by MB_JAX1 and shot by DopeZulu
Copyright (C) 2019 Young Spit.

We are obsessed with Black Beauty! It is no secret that Colorism is taking over the East African underground artistic community. Nowadays, a lot of artists are promoting white & light skin women as a symbol of beauty. Colorism is privileging lighter women. Young Spit is clearly trying to tell us something here, and we should pay attention. We hope after watching this video, no woman feels she has to lighten her skin to feel beautiful. Iwacu blessed us with this powerful reminder; Black is beautiful.

King and Queen
Directed by MB_JAX1 and shot by DopeZulu
Copyright (C) 2019 Young Spit.

Around the world, lighter skin is often perceived as a “marker of superior beauty” and status. Dark women are discriminated against in all sorts of ways. The desire for whiteness forces many young African women to bleach their skin. Skin bleaching is a major issue in the East African community. Representation of every form of beauty is so important. After all, the darker the flesh, the deeper the roots! Check out the official “Iwacu” music video below & don’t forget to order merchandise from “IamTheHeartofAfrica” and “Era_257.Support young African entrepreneurs!

“Iwacu” means home. Nothing more powerful than a legacy of tradition.

Directed by MB_JAX1 and shot by DopeZulu
Edited by Gn Nephew
Copyright (C) 2019 Young Spit.

Last updated December 24, 2019

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