Aristokrats’ Ria Sean has arrived

Known widely as Ria Sean, Gloria Asene Enebi is a Nigerian-born and bred artist signed to Aristokrat Records. Sean’s temerity is visible in the visuals and melodies throughout her debut single ‘Lemonade.’

The artist exposes relatable feels. Tales about affection and desire blended with moments of Lo-fi unleash excitement. Her use of Afro-pop and RnB tunes create a distinction amongst other influences in the industry.


Directed by Perliks Definition, Ria Sean is a reminder of presence making a statement. With her brightly colored styled pieces in the video, you are immediately drawn to the sultry voice. Centering the message around passion and infatuation, relatable is firmly the vibe here. The beat is fire. Produced by Randay, the tropical vibe will allow your soul to dance.


The song melts down a toxic affair that yields zero positive outcomes. The lyrics “But you let me go when you shut the door” show a spot we have all been and never need to re-address.

The tune is carried into a ripple of overlapping voices that support the grievance surrounding the message. An Afro-pop song, expect to move on the dancefloor with tears in your eyes as you reminisce the night away.


A feel-good song, Sean continues to ponder on love, but this time surprisingly hopeful. The intro invites you to move much of your body. Admission and surrenderance is the essence surrounding the song. The opening “Whether we dance on this boat or we drown, I’ll feel the same as long as I’m with you” shows this.


The RnB Hit ‘All I need’ was produced by LeriQ for Eurika Creations. Sean’s simple glamour mixed with slow-mo captures a dreamlike, reflective moment for viewers. The joint has ambient voices that correspond well to outdoor forestry feels.


Stepping out of her usual love topic, ‘Kan Mi’ speaks on hunger for the dream, the faith that never withered, and the attitude needed to conquer. Her musical passion mentioned in the line “No be everybody wey go show you love, but as long as my music dey for me” demonstrates a tireless pursuit to the silver lining.

Sean’s melodic experimentalism joined with a love for fashion is unique. The fearless Afrobeat creative challenges herself to greater heights. Leave alone the sky, even the galaxy isn’t the limit.


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