Time Travel with Waithaka’s “Take Me Back” ft. Natumi

Poetry gives us a sense of belonging. It is the reason to believe. Waithaka| Take Me Back ft. Natumi (Interlude) is not only refreshing but rewarding to one’s soul. Natumi, a phenomenal Black British poet with Kenyan roots, is ready to travel in time.

Waithaka, a Kenyan producer based in the US, relaxes us with café jazz. The smooth keys complemented the poetry superlatively well. This joint was mixed & mastered by Giggz.

The rendition received an overwhelmingly positive review on the diaspora’s top entertainment platform. Music journalist Joy Ruguru unraveled the exclusive scoop behind the BLK2541 project on Tangaza Magazine.

Personal Reaction
I dared to visit that place where, “although so much rejection surrounded me, I never felt neglected.” As I pressed replay perpetually, I began to sink inside the alerting sounds of nature. Vibrant imagery invigorated my soul & spirit amid apprehensiveness.

I felt Rongai’s breeze, a place I’ve never been. Although my father had a difficult time connecting with his daughter, I never felt neglected. It was an arduous relationship that left happy memories.

The Natumi Effect

Natumi’s capacity to give the inexpressible life is magical. The expressionist sanctions us to feel our memories by transforming her voice into a safe space.

Vigorous black-and-white visuals express what words are not able to. The man behind the lens, Matthew Kinani, understood the assignment. Ayzoe graced us with clean edits.

Time Travel

For those who’ve been displaced from their point of origin or simply homesick— this work of art is home. No papers? Don’t sweat it! “Take Me Back” is a no-passport-required destination. Relax, unwind and reminisce.

Unleash your implicit recollections. Revisit that place where, “happiness was a given and fear was a feeling so alien to you.” This is a replay worthy track with jazz, heart and soul. Now, let’s close our eyes and go back.

Waithaka ft Natumi. Prod by: Waithaka Ent Mixed & Mastered by: Giggz Written & Directed: Natumi. Filmed by: Matthew Kinani. Additional Editing: Ayzoe Brad Location: Pop Cafe Hayes Waithaka Ent Presents ©2020 Waithaka Ent.

Article: Written by Kai. Contributions by George G. & Albert M.

Published by Mkali Magazine

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