Eden: The Genesis of Matt B

The Official Artwork For Eden Created by Angela Benson

Mkali Magazine is thrilled to introduce independent artist Matt B and his US debut album ‘Eden’, which was released March, 12th 2021. Mkali Magazine was blessed with an opportunity to listen to this holistic creation exclusively and we are enchanted by this musical garden of life. Matt B is a Chicago-based R&B artist with Nigerian roots. His musical abilities are undeniably astonishing. Watch out for this one, cause it’s clear there ain’t no “Bad Vibes” only the taste of victory. The GRAMMY® Contender is currently sitting at #3 on the US iTunes R&B/Soul chart and having debuted at #36 on all genres. This authentic album features production from R&B royalty Bryan-Michael Cox and Tricky Stewart.

Bryan-Michael Cox is an American record producer who is notable for his extensive work with multiple platinum-selling artists including Usher, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, and Toni Braxton. His most notable productions are “Be Without You” for Mary J. Blige, “Burn”, “Confessions Part II” and “U Got It Bad” for Usher. Tricky Stewart is noted for producing the world’s best hip hop, R&B, and pop chart-topping singles. Some of Stewart’s record-breaking singles are: Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” (2008), Rihanna’s “Umbrella” (2007), Justin Bieber’s “Baby” (2010), and Ciara’s “Ride” (2010). Matt B is rocking with the best. ‘Eden’ is unique because it’s his debut album here in the United States. They say good music speaks for itself. Well, let’s find out by diving “Deep” to ‘Eden’the Genesis of Matt B.

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Matt B & his manager Angela Benson (center) pictured with legendary producers Bryan-Michael Cox and Tricky Stewart. Photograph: Angela Benson.

As we all know, the Garden of Eden was the first residence of humanity given by God. Now, why would an R&B artist from Chicago use this powerful title for his album? According to the artist, the album demonstrates the essence of something greater. The official album cover by Angela Benson is mesmerizing and pulls our souls into a colorful green garden filled with classical elements; water, air, and light. It is a visual epiphany. Pay close attentionyou’ll discover Matt B dressed in all white while posing majestically. When it comes to colors, white is the most complete and pure. It is the color of perfection! The psychological meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness, and completion. It’s proof that the 39 minute trip to ‘Eden’ is worth your precious time! The Chicago native R&B singer-songwriter goes hard from “Saucy” to “Swipe.” The 11 tracks on the album carry a vibrational frequency of balance. Maybe it’ll make you dance or bump and grind. Indeed, the album has diverse styles, and it gives our minds a sense of equilibrium. It hit’s different.

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Matt B performs his new record ‘I Spoiled You’ live in Grant Park in Chicago, IL.

‘Eden’ gives absolute range! It’s fearless and touches on numerous topicsone being the struggles and ups and downs of a relationship. “I Spoiled You” talks about exactly that. Matt B serenades us on a smooth, Synth-pop, hip-hop-like beat with tasteful vocals. This topic is relatable and stirs up emotions. We’ve all been there- feeling discouraged about a situation and consistently trying to warm up spoiled milk. Investing time, love, and energy only to find out you’re spoiling Bae. “I Spoiled You” is one of our favorite fruits in this garden. “Bad Vibes” is a wake-up call that reminds us to trust our intuitions when feeling used and overwhelmed. We should never be afraid to say, “Don’t come out here with all them bad vibes!” That’s right, protect your energy! Track #10 “I Love You” is a beautiful song that restores our faith in true love. He illustrates how it’s possible to go from heartbroken to believer and even walk down the aisle. Brethren, can we candidly speak? Ain’t nothing sweeter than a healthy & fruitful relationship that turns you on like a lighter. We are here for it!

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Official Music Video by Matt B performing ‘Go Hard’

Now, let’s talk about ‘Saucy’, shall we? This is a track that we bet on! It won’t be long until YouTube and Tik Tok choreography videos surface while wrecking moves in the best way possible. The sirens at the beginning demand attention and get your hips moving on overtime with no effort. Matt’s cadence and flow on this track are on point, hella saucy, and swagged out. The transition from singing to rapping is evidence that he is the Jack of all trades. The meshing of this fast-paced beat with some island elements gives it the room to be a contender for one of 2021’s summer hits! Track #11 “Swipe” is a heavy hitter! Gritty, edgy, and braggadocio on full display. Matt B isn’t afraid to lay it out to the opps! The message of keeping the enemy in line is always a relevant one, and ain’t nothing like it on smooth beats with a sexy voice. Everywhere you go, you gonna see him! So, don’t wait on his success, look at him now! ‘EDEN’ is available on all platforms. Stream, share & engage. ‘EDEN’ is cohesive, raw, and authentic. It’s worthy of all the anticipation. This was nothing less than an impeccably produced album.

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