Mimi Mars Feat Young Lunya & Marioo – Una

The beautiful Mimi Mars is taking us to planet Mars with her new Pop hit song UNA Feat Young Lunya & Marioo. UNA was produced by Baddest 47 and Paul Maker and premiered on Dec 17, 2019 via the Artists YouTube account. This video celebrated Dar Es Salaam night life from the unique lens of Director Ivan. Ki ukweli, this time around, Mimi Mars ametushika pabaya!

Swahili Pop music reflects emerging trends. The new trends determine what is considered ‘cool’ in the current party scenes of Dar Es Salaam. Throughout the video, high-end designer shades and colorful outfits were seen. Hot bwoys and fly gurls drinking out of red cups like there’s no tomorrow! The creative directors and stylists did a wonderful job bringing the summer time vibe to life. Did we also mention her hair and makeup was on point throughout the whole video? Yaas, gurl!

Mimi Mars Feat Young Lunya & Marioo 

“Habari za mjini, kwani nini?” Freestyle King, Young Lunya & SOUNDCITY Award Best NewComer Nominee, Marioo gave us life with their swag and catchy verses. Nothing hotter than a Swahili Pop song with sexy rap verses. How can you have a New Year’s party without this song? It’s just a happy tune that makes you wanna pop, lock, and drop it to the floor. Check out this song on YouTube. Fallow NaniMKaliTV on instagram for more updates.

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