All Eyes On Wind Divin

African gyal put your body on! September 28th 2019, up and coming East African Artist “Wind Divin” released a Dancehall/ club inspired Hit which was produced by Masterland and mixed by Fraga the Recipe; a well known producer from Tanzania. Fraga the recipe is valued and respected in this game. He’s produced hit songs forContinue reading “All Eyes On Wind Divin”

“Ready Set Go” is a Banger!

Let’s talk about Tanzanian born Young Spit and his latest mesmerizing Trap hit “Ready Set Go.” The Burundi blood on American soil is causing serious problems in these streets, and I am talking about every ghetto & every city. This new banger will force you to shake what yo mama gave ya and dance likeContinue reading ““Ready Set Go” is a Banger!”

“I Can’t Compare You To Anyone Else.”

Just one day before the release of his new hit “Monica” AB Nabil the “Musical Genius” takes on Facebook to share a very emotional quote from his mother. He writes; I was told by my mother, “I can’t compare you to anyone else. Remember, you were not born in the State House!” Then he adds,Continue reading ““I Can’t Compare You To Anyone Else.””

The “Baddest” Chick in the Game!

Kama haujaona hii video mpya “Cheche” by Princess Debbie, basi wewe ni kipofu! She’s back and she’s better! Video hii imetoka June 21st 2019 na ilirekodiwa Miami beach, Florida. Cheche, directed by Naphatali Rosenberg and Produced by Centanto is the latest Hit from Princess Debbie & It’s all about love! Hold up! Let me getContinue reading “The “Baddest” Chick in the Game!”

AB Nabil is a Musical Genius. “Sofia” Proved It.

It’s obvious that AB Nabil is on a powerful drug called music. The Chief Executive Officer of Fly ENT did it again. “Sofia” is the most creative music video of 2019. Not only is he lyrically talented, he’s also a visionary. This up and Coming East African musician never disappoints! The message in Sofia isContinue reading “AB Nabil is a Musical Genius. “Sofia” Proved It.”

Promoting the “Hottest” African Underground Artists”

At NaniMkaliTV, We promote, review & analyze the creativity of the hottest underground African artists. Our ”Top 10 Hot List” will rate video quality, lyrics, audio quality & overall creativity. Je, Nani Mkali? Nani sio Mkali? Let us know! Swahili: NaniMkaliTV, Tunakuza, kukagua na kuchambua ubunifu wa wasanii wa kali wa Kiafrika. Ndani ya ”Continue reading “Promoting the “Hottest” African Underground Artists””